How gay is this larp?

The answer to this flippant question is: pretty gay but not exlusively so...

When AIDS came to the Western world in the 80s the gay community were hit more severily than most other sectors of society. This larp reflects that in the story we want to tell. More than half of the characters will be male and most (but not all) of the male characters will be gay or bisexual. As there are fewer female characters in the game than male, we expect that we very well might run out of female characters while there are still male characters available. For story reasons we will not adjust the ratio of male and female characters even if this happens. It also means that if you as a male larper have no interest in playing a gay or bisexual character this might not be the game for you.

We expect that the setting of the game will make it natural for physical intimacy between many of the characters. So it is important that you feel comfortable with defining to your co-players what level of physical contact you feel fine with during the game and that you have the confidence to adjust this during the game if necessary. Any actual sex scenes netween characters will be simulated through dramatic game mechanics ("metatechniques")  which we will workshop before the game starts.

But you say: "I'm a woman who wants to play a male character! Is that possible?". That is certainly possible but you will have to put some effort into your costume to appear as a man in the game. We are not expecting full visual realism from you, but that you put some effort into the appearance of the character.

What if you are a man who wants to play a female character? Then we have to disapoint you this time. Since there are fewer female character than male characters in this game they will be reserved for female participants. You can of course participate in the in-game drag contest however :-)