Who are we


Tor Kjetil (shown here receiving some love) started organizing larps in Bergen with arabian inspired fantasy games. He has been part of the organizing committee of  two Knutepunkts, the annual Nordic larp conference. He is an active member of Laivfabrikken Oslo, a network which organizes monthly larps. In 2010 he was one of the creators of Mad about the Boy, a larp about a world where all men but one had died. He also helped organize a run of this larp in USA in 2012. Other larps on his resume include 1942, New Voices in Art, Limbo and Kristianiabohemen. He has worked on several campaigns and projects on HIV-prevention and on HIV/AIDS and human rights, both in Norway and abroad. His current job is managing international youth development and women's rights projects in the YWCA/YMCA movement.

Hanne wrote the first book in Norwegian about larp and  is one of the founders of the annual Nordic Knutepunkt conference.She took the initative to the Weltsmertz network which resulted in the first pervasive larp in Norway when the central plaza Youngstorget were filled with several tons of garbage and art for the larp AmericA. Together with her son she made the youth larp Nådestøt. Other larps on her resume include Sosialfemokratiet, Black Box, Wa and Kink & Kaffe.  She has brought interactive theatre to the petrolium sector in Norway and currently earns her living as director of the Norwegian LGBT Centre.

Producers (2013)

Flemming is an organizer in Rollespilsfabrikken, where he is in charge of the annual children summer camp. He started Larping somewhere in ´93 and went to his first Knutpunkt in '98. Taking a break for larping in the zeros he returned to the scene in '08 and participated in Motherland. Amazed at how far larping had moved in the the last couple of years, he once again turned his focus to organizing and helping, thus ending up in Rollespilsfabrikken, and now part of Rollespilsakademiet.
After being completely blown away by Jall in 2012 playing Tomasz, he decided to put a team together, and bring Tor and Hanne to Denmark, to give players yet another chance to experience this intense and beautiful game.

Helene has been role-playing since 2003 and larping since 2007. Playing more larps abroad than in Denmark, she considers herself an international larper and her angle on producing JaLL is very much from a player’s perspective. In 2011 she had her debut as a producer, being part of the core organisation group of Knudepunkt in Denmark. Currently she is working and studying to be a teacher in Copenhagen.
Knowing that you, as a player, always choose a game over three other great games, she says: “If you already missed JaLL two times, now is the time to prioritize it!”

Nynne is an active player and organizer in the Danish and Nordic scene. She has been a part of the committee organizing Knudepunkt and is in charge of the Danish annual larp convention Forum. She works part time at the larp firm Rollespilsakademiet and is an active member of Rollespilsfabrikken, a Danish network of organizers. She participated in the first run of Just a Little Lovin' in 2011 and loved the game. 

Just a Little Lovin' 2012 was produced by Tor Kjetil Edland, Hanne Grasmo, Miriam Lundqvist, Anna-Karin Linder & Petter Karlsson trough the LajvVerkstaden association.