Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank you for Just a Little Lovin' 2012

Photo: Karolina Stäel
The second run of Just a Little Lovin' is now complete. Thanks to Petter Karlsson, Miriam Lundqvist and Anna Karin Linder for making it possible to let more people experience this story by producing the game in Sweden. Thanks also to Victor Bernhardtz and Sofia Stenler for helping us out as crew during the game. And thanks again to Astrid Solgaard for once again lending us her artwork specially made as scenography for Just a Little Lovin'

We feel grateful for the dedication and emotional bravery of everyone who put their heart and soul into bringing these characters' journeys to life. Thanks to all the participants who came, loved and lost and partied like it was 1982-83-and-84. The memories from this summer will stay with us for a long time. 

Reflections on the larp from some of the participants

Mikolaj Habryn's blog with his reflections on the experience as a first time larper

Nathan Hook has written two pieces on his blog. One is a larp event report focusing on the game mechanics, and the other is a play report about his character's story in relation to other characters.

In the news

Leve lajvet (Long live the larp - English translation here) - Svenska Dagbladet

Leka med döden (Playing with death - English translation here) - The magazine Kom Ut that is published by the The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights

Just some more lovin' - In Playground Magazine #7 2012


In this years book for Solmukohta 2012 there are also two articles about Just a Little Lovin':

It is about Time
by Eleanor Saitta, about time and how it was constructed in the larp

Larp and Aesthetic Responsibility
by Tova Gerge, about the debate before the first run of the larp in the culture section of Expressen

The entire book: States of Play: Nordic larp around the Word can be downloaded as a PDF or on the Nordic Larp Wiki

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