Monday, September 23, 2013

I Choose Love

The Book of Just a Little Lovin' (2013 Denmark run) is now available. The editors Casper Gronemann and Claus Raasted have collected experiences and analysises from players and organizers of the larp.  A PDF version can be downloaded here. At the very end of the book we find this beautiful reflection by Signe L√łndahl Hertel:

What happened in those days of august 2013?
What did we witness?
Was it a love story?
A tragedy?

An elegy?
Was it ours?
Or was it theirs?

In those days I was forced to love, to lose, to be scared and be brave.
I was forced to stumble and let someone else pick me up, accepting
their support ‘till the day I die. I was forced to put my faith in others
in a way I have only dared to put my faith in few.
This story we witnessed with tears in our eyes, stones in our chests,
shivering bodies and beating hearts.

I have never felt so violently confronted with every weakness in me,
everyone one which I have always tried to shed and to hide. Yet now
I feel more strong, more complete, more beautiful than ever.
As if having witnessed this I dare look life straight in the face saying

I am ready to live. No matter what you throw at me, no matter what
you take from me, no matter how many times you let me down. I will
stand tall, smiling and embracing, for I have evicted cynicism and
fear from my heart!

I choose love!

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