Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just a Little Lovin’ 2015 is gonna happen!

Anna Emilie Groth, Helene Willer Piironen and Flemming H. Jacobsen is producing Just a Little Lovin’ 2015.
Hanne Grasmo and Tor Kjetil Edland who wrote this  larp joins us in organising what will be the fourth run of the game.  . Also joining the team is the wonderful Petter Karlsson who produced the Swedish run of Just a Little Lovin’ 2012 and who was one of the facilitators of  the Danish run in 2013.
The 2015 danish run takes place from the 21st till the 26th of June.
Our location is a youthcamp one hour's drive from Copenhagen called
This time we hope to reach out to many people who have yet to have played Just a Little Lovin’. Players who haven’t played Just a Little Lovin’ before will be prioritized when the signup opens. Previous participants who are interested in playing the game once more can sign on to an interest list for people who would like to be contacted if a space at the game becomes available at a later stage.
Our signup procedure will be as follows:
The signup will stay open for the whole of February.
If we receive more sign-ups during this month than there are places at the larp we will conduct a determine  who gets offered a place at the game. In the sign-up form we will ask those who register some questions about the type of characters they wish to play and are comfortable playing .The lottery will be completely random, but the information given in the sign-up form will be used to check that we have drawn participants who can fill all of the pre-written characters. If we haven’t achieved this when we have drawn the same amount of participants as there are places at the game we will continue drawing, and those drawn that fulfill the criteria needed will move above the last ones drawn who didn’t.  
The players who got a place in the lottery will be contacted around the 8th of March and asked to pay within the 15th of March.
Those who did not get lucky in the lottery and players who are not interested in the character offered to them but who are still interested in playing the game if another type of character becomes available will be offered a spot on our reserve list. Unassigned characters will be drawn randomly from the reserve list but as above with regards to players’ wishes and comforts.
Our goal is to have the game filled and paid for by the 8th of April. People who have been offered a place but didn’t pay the participant fee by this deadline will lose their place and the place will be offered to someone on the reserve list.

People who need to cancel after the 8th of April will not be reimbursed, as we might need to use their payment fee to get someone to take a place with short notice.
After the game has been run and we are done with finances, any surplus will be split among players who paid, but had to cancel.
We hope to ensure that everyone will be content with our procedure with full transparency in our signup process, but please ask away if anything seems odd or unfair.
We are still in the process of putting together a budget and look at financing, so at this time we are unable to say anything about the cost of the game.

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